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How To Use Essential Oil For Good Luck and Boost Feng Shui Energy?

In Feng Shui, you might have heard about unfavourable energies (煞气), like poison arrows created by the external pointed structure. However, do you know that the scent and aromas (味煞) play a significant role in creating a harmonious living or workspace? These factors can affect the chi energy flow and deteriorate our living quality.

That is where the scent from essential oil comes into play to overcome such Feng Shui challenges and attract good luck. This scent improves the energy and helps to trigger and evoke a specific emotion. Therefore, applying the right essential oil in the right place is vital for maximum effectiveness.

Top 6 Essential Oil for Good Luck and Positive Energy

We have come out with a list of popular scents that can help improve energy. Then, depending on your intention, you can apply in a specified area of your house or office.

1. Lavender – Harmony Grow Wealth

In the Chinese belief, there is a saying that a harmonious and loving family brings you riches and good fortune. You can translate two famous Chinese phrases – 和气生财 / 家和萬事興. Diffusing lavender essential oil into the space can help people relax and promote tranquillity.

You can use it in the living room or bedroom to create a relaxed space by removing stress and tension. Dipping the oil in the diffuser before going to sleep can provide a good night’s sleep.

lavender essential oil feng shui for good luck


2. Bergamot and Peppermint – Energy Boosters

It creates an uplifting atmosphere to reduce stress and anxiety. You can release your full potential and increase productivity in this environment. It is best to be used in the office space or on the work desk in your home office to aid in attaining your goal and attracting wealth.

3. Use Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Rose Oil For Love and Care

These essential oils boost relationship luck and produce a calming aroma of relaxation for passionate romance and intimacy. You can place it in the relationship sector of the house, as well as in your bedroom.

4. Lemon Essential Oil for Longevity and Well-Being

This oil can be used for space cleansing and attracting positive energy. People believe that the scent can improve health conditions and mood. It is best if you can place the essential oil in the kitchen.

It is because when you cook in a happy mood, you produce good food for the family. Besides lemon, orange and lime are good choices too.

lemon essential oil for feng shui


5. Benzoin To Mitigate Negativity

Benzoin essential oil helps to relieve anxiety and tension, so it is an excellent remedy to clear the space after a heated argument or quarrel. Besides that, it can also raise the spirit and drive off negative energy. It is used in incense and also religious ceremonies. You can place it at your altar table.

6. Sandalwood Oil For Grounding and Balance

The sandalwood essential oil’s earthy scent helps you to feel grounded. It also minimizes mind chatter for better concentration. This oil is suitable for meditation or in your working space if you need lots of focus.

In conclusion, it is good to use essential oil to attract good luck, but some people might have an allergic reaction, so you must be cautious.



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