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Feng Shui Almanac – How to Use it?

The Chinese Feng Shui Almanac, also known as “Tong Sheng(通胜)” in Chinese is originated from the yellow calendar (黄厉). It has been an important tool to the Chinese since the ancient times and it is believed to be a book that know everything. Even in this modern society, there are still many people, especially Feng Shui practitioners who depends on this traditional tool as a useful guide to select auspicious dates for client. Some hard core fans might even consult this classic almanac every day, similar to reading daily horoscopes.

What is Chinese Classic Almanac?

This Feng Shui almanac is calculated based on the principles of heavenly branches and earthly stems. It will show if the specified day has auspicious, average and inauspicious energy so that you can plan for the optimal result yield of any events/activities. Beside checking if the date is suitable for certain task, you should also consider if that day is favorable or clashes with your Chinese animal zodiac sign.


When do you need to use it?

Feng Shui Almanac is widely used to determine the best day/time to schedule for important milestones or events. Here is the list:

Popular Events

  • Wedding
  • Moving into a new house
  • Engagement
  • Going to Barber
  • Opening a new business
  • House Renovation
  • Setting up of the matrimonial bed (安床)
  • Cesarean Delivery Date

Daily Events

  • Hire a maid
  • House cleaning
  • Seek for medical assistance
  • Visit relatives
  • Buy new car
  • Purchase of new house
  • Adoption of children
  • Buy clothes
  • Bank in money
  • Job interview
  • Invite new pet

Commercial Events

  • Signing of Contract/Agreement
  • Transaction
  • Appointment of position

Construction Events

  • Graveyard construction
  • Groundbreaking ceremony
  • Demolish


  • Burial
  • Travel

In the nutshell, the most important factor to take note in this Feng Shui almanac when selecting an auspicious day is to avoid the date that conflict with you Chinese Zodiac animal sign. But if you are choosing it for your big day, you might consider consulting a professional because there might be other factors to take note too.




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