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Feng Shui Aquarium Tips for Placement to Attract Positive Energy

Placing a feng shui aquarium in your home or office is an effective and powerful way to attract auspicious chi of prosperity and good fortune into your space.

In contrast, it will also draw bad negative chi and cause downfall and misfortune too. So you must be careful where you place the aquarium. Beside placing your aquarium in a good Feng Shui position, you must also take proper care for the aquarium in order to attract the positive flow of energy. The correct positioning, setting up and maintenance, the aquarium will become a perfect combination of harmony and balance.

Here are some tips to place and take care of your aquarium.

6 Tips to Feng Shui your Aquarium

1. Placing a fish tank under a beam will help to reduce stress and mental pressure.

2. Do not put a fish tank in the kitchen or bedroom. It is most suitable to be placed in the living room.

3. Do not place the fish tank in the centre of the house.

4. Fish tank must be avoided at all cost to be facing directly towards the kitchen/stove because the fire element and the water element will clash and cause health issues to the family members

5. Do not place a fish tank under the god altar as it will cause loss of wealth.

6. Fish tank must not be positioned behind your sofa, because it symbolized unstable support because water is unpredictable. It is always best to have a solid wall behind the sofa.

It will be good if you can make use of these tips if you are planning to have aquarium in your home.


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