Feng Shui Birds Symbol and Meaning Behind It

Feng Shui Bird Use and Significance

Bird has always being protrayed as the symbol of freedom and happiness. Beside that, Feng Shui birds has many representation too, namely:

1. It can be also been applied as an enhancer to symbolize love romance relationship, for example Mandarin ducks (you can refer to our previous article – Mandarin Duck Feng Shui for more details)

2. It also symbolize good luck and abundance with the peacock.

3. Birds are powerful symbols for business and career that represent new opportunities and soaring to a greater height with the eagles symbol.

Now, let’s go through the comprehensive list of lucky birds and its meaning.

Feng Shui Birds List of Symbolism

1. Phoenix 

Phoenix is a celestial bird and is closely related with the Empress and it is also one of the guardians of 4 directions (Azure Dragon of the East, the Phoenix of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Turtle of the North.)

It is usually illustrated pairing with a dragon that sumbolized a blissful marriage, so it make a good wedding gift for friends who are getting married.

2. Mandarin Ducks

This love duck (known as “Yuan Yang” in Chinese) is one of the most commonly seen Feng Shui enhancer to improve romance luck. It is best to place it in the South West sector of the house or room / at the bedside table.

3. Crane

Crane is usually found in Chinese Feng Shui Painting that symbolise longevity and long life.

4. Eagle

The eagle is a representation of valor, advancement and confidance that is most suitable to be placed in the office space that symbolize the business soaring to the greater height, amidst of all obstacles.


5. Bat

You might not have guess this right, yes, the bat is considered an auspicious feng shui that symbolize wealth and prosperity.

However, It is rarely used in any Feng sShui applications in its own, but it is more used to add as a decor to any existing Feng Shui product, for example, it can be craved together in the wealth bowl with the Fu chinese character, since the chinese word bat( 蝙蝠) also sound like the word Fu “福”.

6. Rooster

Displaying a Rooster in your workspace is believed to “peck away” backstabbers or betrayal, bring harmony and also help in your career advancement.

The rooster also brings excellent relationship luck for one who are born in the year of the Snake, Ox or Dragon. If you belongs to one of these animal zodiac signs, you can display a rooster on your desk to bring you the support that you need.

7. Peacock

Peacock is an earthly substitute for the celestial phoenix and it is a representation of beauty, eternal love, purity and peace.

Many people use their feathers for personal and home decorations as it is believed to bring good luck. 



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