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4 Amazing Feng Shui Decluttering Tips That Spark Joy into Your Life

You have apparently heard many people saying that decluttering can help to promote good Feng Shui in the house. It can also enhance the positive life energy and invite opportunities into your life. Yes, you heard it right, it is true. Many people have witnessed positive changes once they remove the clutter and get organized. If you don’t believe it, try it yourself.

In general, our house is divided into 9 sectors and each has a specified representation. For example, if you find that you are always bumping into rotten relationships, take a check into your house relationship area for clutter. If you are always running out of wealth luck, there might be some problem (maybe there is a trash bin in this area) with your wealth sector.

So let’s look at some ways to get yourself started to declutter for a better Feng Shui house.

decluttering feng shui tips for you


Feng Shui Decluttering Techniques that You Can Apply Immediately

1. Go Digital and Paperless

Is your table always filled with receipts and bills that you have chucked there for a while? If you do not need to keep them, just throw them away. If you still need it for future reference, simply scan it and store them digitally. Some people also believed that if you place them in a position that is reflected by a mirror, your debt will be doubled.

2. Letting go of bad memories and embrace only the good ones

It is always good to dispose of anything that reminds you of the past sad memories, for example, love letters or gifts from a failed love relationship, summon ticket and others.

You might be surprised that some of us are still clinging onto these negative memories that are doing more harm than good in our life. Take some time to dig out these items and remove them from your life forever.

3. Get rid of anything that is broken and beyond repair

Broken or spoiled things produce stagnant energy which is unfavorable to our health. If the item can be repaired, fix it, if not just discard it.

4. Remove expired food in your fridge

Clutter is not only limited to what you can see around your house, you should also check your fridge. In Feng Shui, the fridge represents the wealth of the household.

It is always good to remove expired food, rotten ingredients and any unwanted items. Once it is clutter-less, it promotes good family fortune.

It is well believed that decluttering your house also helps to declutter your life. Once you remove the clutter, the living space becomes lighter and you will feel happier too. Try the techniques now and happy decluttering!




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