Feng Shui Decorating Tips For a Modern Home

Feng Shui Decorating Tips For a Modern Home

Feng Shui is a widely used or known ancient art that many people have heard of and have applied in their home and offices, but not many people has a clear understanding of what is it all about. It is actually the energy flow or Chi in the home and in modern context, it can also be considered as the “feel” when you enter the house

Feng Shui Decorating Tips To Improve Your Modern Home Space

1. Clear Your Entry and Exterior

The front door of a home is being considered as the mouth of the “chi” or the area that energy flow in first.

It is always good to minimising the clutter to create an inviting space for the good energy to come in. Don’t place large tables, rubbish bin, messy shoes or anything near the entry. 

Some people believed in placing auspicious Feng Shui Symbols, like the laughing buddha, money frog, pixiu at the foyer to attract wealth and prosperity, but it is recommended not to clutter this space with too many ornaments. Balance is the key and keeping just one or two is good enough.


2. Keep your space bright and airy

Whenever you are at home, always keep the windows open too to encourage natural light and fresh air into your house. They are essential factors for good chi. Considering have plants at the East sector and good ventilation will also help purify the air.

3. Fix any spoilt items or leakage

If you have leaking water pipes, spoilt door lock and lighting or anything that is not functioning well, practice the good habit to bring them to working condition the soonest. A home with a working interior will lead to a more relaxed life.

4. Command Position

In a home, there are 3 areas that must be in the command position. What is the command position and the areas?

It is most optimal place to locate a bed, sofa and study desk. It is in the furthest corner of the room where you can still see the door when lying down, working or relaxing.

5. Use Mirror Sparingly

Nowsaday, we like to use mirrors everywhere to make our small space to look and feel bigger, but it is better to strategize the placement and use them sparingly.

For more details, you can refer to our previous article – How to Position Your Mirror in Feng Shui Way To Avoid Bad Luck?

6. Be Safe

Be sure to keep your knives in a knife block or even better hide it in an organized drawer. By removing sharp and heavy objects away from the space, it lets people have a lighter and safer feel.

7. Close the lids

In some Feng shui practices, it is believed that an open lid can drain away positive energy and wealth luck. Altough this rule seems a bit unbelievable but it is quite simple, so just keep the lid shut.

8. Keep Simple Art

In this modern Feng Shui Home Decorating rule, it is always good to display objects of positive illustration, for example, displaying a sunrise painting is better than a sunset, having a lively plant is greater than a dried flower/plant. Avoid placing any nudity drawing, painting with fierce looking beasts or even swords.

Hope these Feng Shui Decorating tips can give you some inspiration of cleaning and re-arranging your house layout to welcome the upcoming new year.




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