8 Feng Shui Dining Room Tips For Wealth and Abundance

Ancient Chinese believed that the energy of your kitchen/dining is a direct correlation to your wealth. When there is no money, there is no food on the table; as simple as that. Therefore in Feng Shui, kitchen and dining are one of the top three vital parts of the house together with entrance/ main door and the bedrooms. In the old days, people mostly dined in their kitchen, therefore kitchen and dining are often analyzed as an integral part.

The dining area signify not only the prosperity of the family but also the harmony and family bonding over the meals together, so let’s learn the tips to Feng Shui this area.

8 Feng Shui Dining Room Tips For Wealth and Abundance

1. The dining room should be close to the kitchen and preferably in the corner of a home to encourage the pooling of chi.

2. If the dining room is in a location that is too close to the front door your guests may “eat and run.” If you encountered this situation, you can screen it with a partition or beaded curtains from the initial view upon entering the main door.

3. Round wooden tables in dining rooms are ideal because everyone can easily see and talk to each other. 

4. Mirrored walls or mirrors are beneficial in a dining room because they give the perception of doubling the amount of food. The amount of food on your dining room table is a synchronistic mirror of your ability to draw love and prosperity into your life. Bear in mind not to place clutter, receipt on the table because it might also symbolize doubling your bills.

5. Six is the ideal number of chairs to place around the table. Eight is also very auspicious

6. Make sure the table is not underneath an exposed beam as conflict will erupt.

7. Place the three star gods Fuk Luk Sau in your dining room to bring health, wealth and prosperity to the family.

8. Do not place a clock in your dining area as this symbolizes an end to the abundance of food.




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