Feng Shui Door Mat Color and Rules For Good Luck

Beside applying the Feng Shui tips for your main door entrance, you can also choose to attract positive chi with favorable colors of decors or accessories like door mats. Feng Shui door mat color should be chosen based on the door-facing direction.

Feng Shui Door Mat Color For Good Luck

DirectionElementDoormat Color to Use
SouthFireRed, Purple, Orange
North WaterBlue, Black
West / Northwest MetalWhite, Gray
East / SoutheastWoodGreen, Brown
Southwest / NortheastEarthYellow


Feng Shui Door Mat Tips and Rules

1. Some believed that tucking red-ribbon-tied feng shui coins under the mat can attract money luck, especially using a group of 3 coins.

2. Make sure that the door mat is low enough to allow the door to open and close freely without any obstacles blocking.

3. Clean it regularly and replace a new doormat at least once a year and remove the negative Chi that has accumulated over the year. Replace any spoilt or old doormat.



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