Thanks to all fans and visitors for your awesome support to our website and today, we will be glad to share with you that we have included a Home Space Feng Shui Series that served as a dummy guide to those who are really new to geomancy. It will be updated by Edition and by parts and you can also find it on the menu bar, under resources.

Here is the first instalment.

Dummy Guide to Take Care of Main Door Feng Shui Part 1

Beside the complicated renovation details, we must always take care of the main front door Feng Shui which is actually the first concern in our mind. Main door plays a major role in Home Feng Shui because it is accountable for around 80% of the whole pie. It determines the luck and fortune of the family living in the house, so we must not take it lightly. Are you ready to learn the tips and garner the knowledge to attract good fortune to your house?

In this main door edition, we will be covering on 10 main door Feng Shui Taboos and 21 cures to remedy the situations.

Dummy Guide to Take Care of Main Door Feng Shui Part 1

[hb_info_box type=”success”]Energy (qi) comes from the main door and in the a contemporary home nowadays, front main door is the mouth to attract good or bad fortune to your home, so do not take it lightly[/hb_info_box]

Main Door Feng Shui- Door Facing Another Door

Main Door Feng Shui Part 1 – Door Facing Another Door

In today context, many modern residential structures are design and built with two doors opposite pattern (it simply means that your house main door is facing your opposite neighbour main door). This is called “对门煞”.

What is the effect? It will cause the luck and fortune of the either family to deteriorate.

Who will be largely affected?

a. Whoever has the smaller door

b. Whoever has the smaller house area space

c. Whoever has the lesser number of family members staying in the house

d. Whoever has the weaker energy in the family

Feng Shui Remedy Cure for this situation

Feng Shui Seven Star Formation

1. To place a seven star formation 六字真言七星阵 in an area behind the main door or install a Ba Gua on top of the door to act as a remedy.

2. Beside handling the external environment, we must also make sure that within our own home space, there is also no such door facing door pattern, for example, if you have your main door facing your bedroom door, you should install a screen divider to minimise the qi flow from directly gushing into the room or keeping the doors whenever not in use.

Stay tuned for the upcoming part – Dummy Guide to Take Care of Main Door Feng Shui Part 2 (Main Door Facing the Lift Door)

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