Feng Shui Dragon Symbol Use and Significance

Feng Shui Dragon Symbol Use and Significance

Feng Shui dragon is one of 4 celestial animals in Feng Shui and is being ranked as one of the most powerful symbol of Yang energy. It often use as an auspicious symbol in the Feng Shui to symbolise authoritative power, nobility, success, divine protection, wealth and plentiful opportunities.


Feng Shui Dragon Correct Placement

1. The optimal location to display a Feng Shui Dragon symbol is in an office, a work space, or in the living room of your home.

2. Avoid placing them in the bedrooms because the male/Yang energy is too strong and might affect your sleep quality. But in the situtation that you are looking for romance luck and really want to place the Dragon in the bedroom, you should coupled it up with the phoenix, as they represent the ultimate Feng Shui symbol of marital bliss.

3. Ensure that the dragon is displayed at a height that is not above your eye level.

4.Respect the Dragon – you should not put them in areas with low energy like toilets, bathrooms or closets.

5. Do not place the head of the dragon facing the wall/obstacles, it should be facing an open space or view.

6. You can tap on the maximum power of a Feng Shui dragon, especially the wood craved ones when you positioned it in the East sector. Do not use the metal dragon in the East.

7. You can also position it based on your Feng Shui lucky directions using your kua number, so that the Feng Shui dragon faces one of your favorable directions.

8. Locate and place it in the sector when the Feng Shui wealth star #8 has resided for the current year. As for year 2019, it is in the Center sector.

9. Do not buy carpet that has dragon picture on it because stepping on it shows a form of disrespect. 



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