You might have heard a lot regarding Annual Flying Star from Feng Shui masters and also quite confused about that. So in this article, I will share what is flying star in a nutshell and the method you can use in your home for Year 2016 to enhance luck, meanwhile reduce bad happenings.

What Exactly is Flying Star?

There are many different schools of Feng Shui, for example, Form, or Landscape school, Compass School, Eight Mansions, Four Pillars (Ba Zhi) and Xuan Kong Flying Star is associated to the Compass School of Feng Shui.

This method use Flying Star system that represents the nine directions and the movement of the major stars in these quadrants.

How do it works?

It incorporates a building’s or apartment’s geographic positioning, direction and chronologic age to create a Flying Star chart and numerological diagram. It is considered one of the easiest system because by analyzing the stars that are present in each the various directions, you can determine the area where you can place Feng Shui remedies to reduce negative influences and activate/enhance auspicious energies.

How do i know the area to place the Feng Shui remedies or cure?

Here is a simple step by step instruction to guide you along.

Required Items

– Floor Plan of your home

– Compass (You can easily download and use any compass app in your mobile phone)

Step 1: Draw 9 equal quadrants on your floorplan, in this example, i will use a typical Singapore HDB flat as a reference.


Step 2: Stand in the centre of your house and use the compass pointing to get your direction.


Step 3: Once you get the directions, jot them down into the floor plan.

floor plan completed

Step 4: Match year 2016 flying star chart to your segmented floor plan and you will have a good view of the good and bad sector for the year. Here is the year 2016 flying star chart for your reference.

flying star 2016

map flying star

Step 5: Apply the Feng Shui Flying Star Cure and Remedies below

DirectionRepresentEffectRemedies and Cures
South EastNoble PeopleThis Star which brings career & academic success and good reputation. It is also the star that blesses one with good victory luck and the patronage of influential people
CenterIllnessThis hostile Star brings diseases, sicknesses, accidents, lethargy and general poor health & bad luck.
North WestArgumentsThis quarrelsome Star brings hostility and danger of misunderstandings which can lead to stress and even litigation. It causes obstacles to all your plans and at its most severe can be dangerous as well.
WestAcademicThis delightful Star governs romance, career, travel, creative, academic and artistic talents, wisdom and intelligence as well as self-development.
North EastCalamityThis deadly Star brings the worst luck compared to all other stars and must be avoided or countered. It causes calamity, work obstructions, family disputes, injuries, wealth loss and even death.
SouthCareer/AuthorityThis divine Star brings potential windfall, wealth and good blessings, but is a bit weak in Period 8. It also generates nobleman's luck and attracts benefactors so that work could be carried out smoothly.
NorthDiscordThis vicious Star brings injuries, burglary, fire, rivalry and lawsuits. It also causes financial losses, disputes in every aspect of life, either at home or at work.
South WestWealthThis is the luckiest and most vibrant Star in the current Period 8. Also known as the Primary Wealth Star, it brings fortune, nobility, favourable promotion, salary increment, smooth wealth luck, good health and career success.
EastInvestment/PromotionThis Star brings luck for future expansion or prosperity

How can I apply Flying star cure and remedies if I am just renting a room?

It is still same steps, but if it is a rented room, you shrink the 9 sectors into the room itself to determine the good and bad locations. See the example below


I have already bought the items last year, can i re-use them, instead of buying new ones?

It is fine to re-use items from a previous year’s Flying Star adjustments but they must be in good and new condition. Check for damages and if any, you must replace them immediately. You might also consider cleanse them by placing them in direct sunlight for 4 hours to remove any negative energy before using them.

Last and not least, an important note, the Flying Star directions change on February 4th 2016.

Hope you love this article and apply them to minimise negative influence and magnify good luck and fortune.
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