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Feng Shui Guidelines For Trash Bin

In our home feng shui guidelines, we have emphasized on the 3 essential areas – Main Door, Bedroom and kitchen, but might have missed out on the little things.

Feng Shui does exist everywhere, so even the trash bin can impact the surrounding environment. In today article, we will cover on Trash Bin Feng Shui guidelines at home.

Trash Bin Feng Shui Rules Do’s and Don’ts

1. It is best to hide the rubbish bin, locate it at the area that does not catch people eyes easily. The recommended areas is the bathroom and kitchen, since these are the areas that create waste too.

2. Do not place it in the living room because the foul smell will be uninviting for guests and family members to stay at that area for long. 

3. Avoid positioning the trash bin at the wealth corner, as it can affect your wealth luck for the household.

4. Do not place it inside your bedroom because the smell will affect your sleep that might cause health problem in the long run.

5. Avoid placing it in the main entrance foyer because this is mouth of qi, where the fresh energy is coming in, so we do not want it to go straight into the rubbish bin.

6. Choose those design with a lid to prevent the foul smell from flowing out and also hide the unsightly scene.

7. Avoid those bins that is hanging and has holes in between. 


Feng Shui Guidelines For Trash Bin

8. Minimize the number of bins in the house, 1 or 2 should be enough for an average home.

9. Size does matter! Do not get those oversized ones because small one helps to miminize accumulation of decay and foul smell.

10. Color play a part too. Since dust bin is an undesirable, yet essential item at home, we should buy those with a light tone color to camouflage, instead of bright one that attract attention.

11. Always replace a broken or spoilt rubbish bin.

In the nutshell, always keep the bins clean and remember to clear the trash everyday!




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