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Feng Shui House Buying Tips for Beginners

Looking for the right dream house of your life is such an overwhelming task for most of us because there are too many areas to take into consideration. We can be easily distracted and ignore the perspective of buying a good Feng Shui house.

Following are some tips for you to take note when you are looking to buy a house in the future.

External Feng Shui Factors For Buying a House

Study the exterior environment of the resale building you plan to purchase and here are some tips

1. Do not choose a house that is near to hospital, cemetery and abandoned buildings because there is to much Yin energy and it is not good for humans.

2. Skip any house that is located at the top of a T junction, or the end of a dead end street as it prevent energy from circulating

3. Do not buy a house that is near to expressways. Firstly, you will be disturbed by the noise and the other reason is that it is not easy to accumulate wealth on a straight road. Feng Shui “qi” should comes in the form of meandering like the rivers.

4. Do not choose houses with ‘Sha or Poison chi’ which means that the corner of another house or large building is pointing directly towards the front door or the back of the house.

5. Do not choose a house that is being surrounded by high rise building because it will affect the light source from reaching you house which in term cause moisture and attract “Yin” energy. This will affect the health of the occupants.

6. Try to find a house with Quantum Leap feng shui that symbolize receiving wealth.

7. Try to avoid situation of your main door facing another unit’s main door as it tends to increase quarrelsome or conflicting energies.

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Internal Feng Shui Factors to Take Note for House Hunting

1. When looking for a house, choose one that has a square or rectangular floor plan and avoid those that is irregular shaped and no missing sector because it has serious energy problem. You should feel complete, instead of being “cut off”.

2. Look out for protruding beams from ceilings or protruding walls inside the house as they means bad Feng Shui.

3. Avoid house that has toilet located near the main door or in the centre of the house.

4. It is always good to find the reason for selling the house. You might be affected by the past history and if there is a negative reason, for example, previous owners who went bankrupt, having health problem, divorce may signify poor energy flow, do not choose them.

5. Beside those mentioned above, you might also be interested to know more about kitchen, living room and bedroom Feng shui before making a decision.

The above tips mentioned is the fundamental basic to choose a good Feng Shui house, but for more detailed house audit, you might want to consider engaging a professional Feng Shui master.

Enjoy hunting for your dream house!




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