How to Feng Shui Your House with Flying Star 2018 Chart & Cures?

Flying Star is a simple yet effective Feng Shui method that you can use to enhance your luck for the earth dog year of the 2018. You begin by knowing the energy/flying star in each areas of the house, then activate the good and neutralize the bad energy. Annual flying star audit is based on the directions of the compass, dividing your home into9 sectors in a your home.

On the Li Chun day, 4 Feb 2018 (according to the Chinese solar calendar), the annual Feng Shui flying stars changes their location and flies to different sectors in the house. 

8 - Prosperity Star


This lucky star bring prosperity and good fortune so it is advisable to spend more time in this sector. Beside this, it also encourage career advancement.

To enhance your Wealth Luck in the year of the Dog 2018, display citrine crystal, Bejeweled Mystic Knot, wealth tree in the SE sector

4 - Romance Star


Those who are still pursuing studies can utilize this sector to bring academic luck. Beside that, it also bring love and relationship luck.

This Romance Star can be enhanced by placing a pair of Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks and to activate the Academic luck, you can display the Wen Chang Pagoda.

6 - Heavenly Star


This auspicious star bring wealth and windfall luck. Beside that, you will receive help from nobleman.

Boost this star energy by using 6 emperor coin for success.


7 - Violent Robbery Star


If your bed is in this sector, it can trigger marriage problem and if it is at the main door, it will faced high risk of being burgled.

Display the blue elephant & Rhino as the cure for this negative effect

9 - Future Prosperity Star


This auspicious star flies to the CENTER in 2018 and that is good news because it means that everyone can benefit from it.

Bring prosperity to your home with either a white crystal ball or the God Of Wealth Sitting On Tiger.

2 - Illness Star


It is one of the most unlucky stars and need to be mitigated. It bring health related problems (especially for older woman & pregnant women)

Defend this sector with any objects made of metal like brass hu lu

3 - Quarrelsome Star


It will bring conflicts and arguments. At worst, it can even result in legal lawsuit leaving one emotionally drained.

Place a red apple or red cystal ball near the entrance to nurture peace and harmony.

5 - Misfortune


The 3 killings visits the north this year accompanied with the misfortune star #5 brings bad fortune and illness. Avoid major renovation in this sector

To migitate the negative effect, place any metal objects in this sector

1 - Victory Star


It is a star of nobility. It helps in career advancement and recognition for the effort you have put in.

Enhance this auspicious star by placing a wind horse that symbolise success and a pink crystal ball for romance luck.




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Annual Feng ShuiHow to Feng Shui Your House with Flying Star 2018 Chart & Cures?