Feng Shui Love Tips for Singles

Are you always feeling stressed when people starts to ask you if you are attached or getting married soon? Feeling irritated when you are bombarded with love relationship questions during family Meetup, especially during Chinese New Year?

Everyone longs for a blissful marriage and hope to be in a pair so some might choose to use Feng Shui that could help you to improve romance luck to get out of the single status or even ring the marital bell soon.

Let’s explore together on the Feng Shui love tips that play a role in attracting romance luck and your other half into your life.

Feng Shui Love Tips for Singles

1. Look into your bedroom first – Do not place the bed against the wall as it symbolised that new relationship is not welcome.

It is advisable to position your bed so that there is equal space on either side and create a balanced qi flow, sending an inviting signal.

Do not place your bed against the wall as it is an uninviting signal for a relationship


2. Remove any extra pillows or stuffed toys from your bed as they are a representation of no room for anyone else to join you.

3. Energising the love corner with symbol of love – In bagua map, the love or relationship area of the home is in the southwest sector. You can energize this specified love sector with rose pink quartz crystal, make sure to remove any dead or dried flower and most important declutter the space. Beside that, you can also considered painting the southwest corner with soft pink color.

4. Ensure that you have clear out some room in your wardrobe and bed so it symbolizes that you are ready to welcome your other mate in your life. You can also considered getting a bigger queen sized bed if you are still sleeping in a single sized bed.

5. It is recommended to place a bedside table or nightstand on both sides of your bed that symoblise equality in relationship and space. This is one of the most common Feng Shui tips to attract love relationships.

6. Do not put religious statues or figurine in your bedroom because firstly it is not appropriate and secondly it is also an indication that you do not wish to start a relationship. Just think about it? Who put religious statue in the bedroom?

7. Proper selection of artwork is important – Choose those artwork that represent love, such as two lovers hugging each other, or seeing sunrise together. Avoid those artwork that depict violence, sadness and religious.

8. Last but not the least, even if you have apply all the above Feng Shui love tips for Singles, it will not work if you stay at home all year round.

So get out of your house and start involving yourself in social activities or Meetup for more chance of meeting your other half.




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