Feng Shui Lucky Directions To Place Your Desk and Bed

The concept of unlucky and lucky Feng Shui directions is a widely used method due to the fact that it is really easy to apply. A lucky Feng Shui direction refer to the auspicious direction that gives you a more favourable energy that will benefit you.

In this methodology, there are certain lucky Feng shui directions that are meant for wealth and victory, improving health luck, better love and relationship energy, enhancement of one’s personal growth. Every individual person has their own 4 lucky direction to tap the positive energy and also 4 unlucky direction to avoid.

These auspicious directions are derived from a calculation that is based on your gender and birth information. Once you have find out your Kua Number, you can then calculate your lucky Feng Shui directions. Still confused? You can simply refer to this chart below once you find out your Kua Number.

KUA NumberWealth & SuccessHealth & Longevity (Tien Yi)Romance & RelationshipPersonal Growth (Fu Wei)
4NorthSouth EastSouthEast
5 (Female)SouthWestNorthWestWestNorthEast
5 (Male)NorthEastWestNorthWestSouthWest

After finding your lucky Feng Shui direction, you should at least do one of these 2 things in office or home:

1. Position yourself seated or bed directly facing your most favourable direction, while working or sleeping

2. Place your bedroom or office in the location that corresponds to your favorable direction.


It might not be always be feasible or practical to be seated in one of your most favourable location, or even facing it. It might caused by the existence of “poison arrow” or other negative energy. If this is the scenario, always avoid the 4 unlucky directions and face the other 3 favorable ones instead.



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