Feng Shui Owl Symbol Use and Significance

Feng Shui Owl Symbol Use and Significance

This Feng Shui owl is widely regarded as the symbol of wisdom and a protector from evil. It is popular among those in the education or research industry because this owl is closely associated to the attributes of knowledge, intelligence and wisdom. It also bring positive masculine “Yang” chi or “energy to the premise so you must be aware on the placement for this symbol. 

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Feng Shui Owl Placement

1. You can display it on your work/study desk to enhance the career/academic luck and also for personal growth.

2. Place this symbol in the home, facing the main entrance so that it can protect the family members against harm and evil spirits.

3. If you are running a retail business , you can consider placing this owl on the cash register, similiar to the fortune lucky cat to attract customer and money luck.

4. Place it in your home wealth sector to invite money luck.

5. Avoid placing it in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.

In other cultures or tradition, there are contradictory beliefs that owls have been feared and considered as an unlucky bird as it is associated with witchcraft and death, so if you are uncomfortable on that, you should avoid this symbol and use others instead.



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