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Feng Shui Pagoda Facts and Significance You Probably Didn’t Know

Feng Shui Pagoda / Wen Chang Pagoda, also being commonly known as the Education tower, is believed to improve the scholastic luck for the beholder. Because of this belief, it has been a popular gift idea for those who are still pursuing academic success.

Besides improving academic and scholastic luck, it can also enhance your career luck for progression and recognition.

Feng Shui Pagoda Placement and Intention

1. Protection and Mitigating Negative Energy

If you are facing situations with Sha Qi, you can place this Feng Shui symbol in your living room, near to the entrance to safeguard your household.

2. Career Luck Booster

You can also choose to place a Feng Shui Pagoda on your work desk to enhance your career luck in the office. Positive energy vibes that gather around the pagoda will rejuvenate the person who works at that desk. It helps to keep a person fresh and alert, which in term increase work efficiency and productivity, hence it will increase chances of career progression and work recognition.


3. Annual Flying Star #4 Enhancer

Flying star number 4 is the scholastic star, so you can base on the annual flying star chart (For 2020, it is in the SouthWest), look for the sector this star resides, place a Wen Chang Pagoda in this sector of your study room / children room to gain good academic success for each individual.

4. Guardian in Workplace

You can also place it behind you at work space to ward off backstabbing in your office.

What Does The Number of Levels of The Feng Shui Pagoda Signify?

5-tiers – it stands for the complete representation of the 5 Feng Shui elements(Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth) and also symbolise the protection of 5 directions by emperors.

It helps to improve on the fortune and good luck, while protecting the household too.

7-tiers – It signifies the 7 treasures of Buddhism and also believed to bring excellent wealth luck and career luck.

9-tiers – It brings completeness, strength, excellent career, wealth and academic luck.

In summary, this auspicious item – Feng Shui Pagoda is a symbol of good studies and career luck.




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