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Feng Shui Painting Tips You Need to Know

Feng Shui Painting is one of the essential and favourite choice of tool to add in colours to a home decoration.

The Chinese love hanging nature painting illustrating beautiful and solid mountain with waterfall scenery in a sun rise backdrop. It is believed that such auspicious paintings could attract good luck and fortune to the family, but there are some Feng Shui tips that you need to take note before you hang a painting in your house.

In this article we’ll cover tips about choosing a good Feng Shui painting.

What kind of Feng Shui Painting Should I Choose?

For choosing a a good painting, the content play a significant role and the message it is carrying behind it, whether it is a positive or negative one. Let’s look at some rules in choosing one

What is a bad Feng Shui Painting?

1. Avoid displaying painting that illustrate ferocious looking animals or beasts like tiger, lion and etc. It give people a sense of insecurity as it emit a feeling of it “prying” on the members in the household.

2. If you love nature painting, avoid having painting that depicts a scene with falling leaves and also sun set.  It is believed that it carries a bad meaning of withering and lonely life.

3. In general, avoid hanging painting that give you a feeling of negativity for example, sunken ship, black crow, violence/killings, skeleton, darkness, swords, gun, nudity and etc.


What is a good Feng Shui Painting?

1. In general, paintings of positivity that carry auspicious significance and meaning, such as blossoming flower, koi fish of abundance, sun rise and etc. are Feng Shui paintings that you can considered using in your home.

2. Water and mountain scenery are the most popular type of paintings that most Feng shui enthusiasts adore, but try to avoid those with fast gushing waterfall.

Last but not least, you must choose something that you love because you are seeing it everyday.




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