Nowadays people like to use mirror in your house to make the interior look spacious and more elegant but you should take note that in Feng Shui perspective, it is a NO NO to put mirror in your bedroom, especially directly facing you.

What are the Effects?

Having a mirror facing your bed will not provide you a good quality sleep because the reflective energy (qi) of the mirror catches every bits of light and magnifies every sound. In long run, your health will also deteriorate due to the poor sleep quality. Even a television can cause problems although not as bad as a mirror but you can still see your reflection in the screen.

What are the Feng Shui Cure and Remedies?

1. Best solution is to remove all mirrors from the bedroom, if possible.

2. If solution 1 is not possible, try to move the mirror facing away from the bed.

Change the position of the mirror

3. If space is a constraint, you might consider using a cloth to cover the mirror when not in use to prevent the reflection.

Put cloth to cover mirror

Beside avoiding using mirror in bedroom, you might also be interested in learning Feng Shui tips in applying mirrors in your home.

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