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6 Feng Shui Tips You Didn’t Know To Organise Your Closet For Good Vibes

Besides the bed, wardrobe or closet is the next biggest piece of furniture for storage of clothes. The placement and use of the closet has significant impact on the bedroom Feng Shui. If it is placed correctly, you will enjoy positivity and a peaceful mind. Let’s unveil some Feng Shui do’s and don’ts for the wardrobe or closet.

1. Declutter is the Key To Good Vibes

You should declutter and remove any unwanted stuff from the wardrobe. This helps to encourage good positive energy to flow, instead of gathering stagnant Chi that is not beneficial to the people.

2. Size Does Matter

It is good to avoid oversized closet that does not fit into the bedroom. Balance plays an important role in promoting harmony. When selecting the closet, you should also take into consideration the size of our bedroom too.

If the bedroom is small, choose a size that is well proportional to the overall space. If you position a big wardrobe in a small room, it creates an overpowering feeling that makes people uncomfortable.

3. Get The Mirror Out Of Sight

If you have installed a mirror in the wardrobe, pay attention to the Mirror Feng Shui guidelines. The mirror should not face the windows, bedroom door, bathroom and bed. If you really want to have a mirror in the bedroom, consider hiding it in the wardrobe and use it whenever needed.


4. Keep It Away From The Bed For Good Sleep

It is best to avoid placing the closet at the head of the bed. Under this layout configuration, you will feel pressurized and uncomfortable. It will disrupt the sleep quality and eventually affect your health condition.

5. Create a Balanced and Harmonious Space For Good Sleep

Place the wardrobe at the left position of your bed. The left-hand side represents the “Green Dragon”/Yang, and the right symbolizes the “White Tiger”/Yin. The Yang should be higher than the Yin, so placing the closet on the left side of the bed is a better choice than the right.

6. Say No to “Poison Arrows”

Ensure that the corner of the wardrobe is not pointing to the bed as it creates Sha Qi. This unfavorable energy is also known as “Poison Arrow” and is not beneficial to one’s health.

If you feel that your life seems to be unbalanced and having sleepless night, re-look at your closet again and see if you have violated any guidelines. It is good to explore ways to resolve this issue and help you embark a better journey.




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