Feng Shui Tips For BTO Home in Singapore

Buying a good Feng Shui house is everyone dream and desire, especially in Singapore where the housing cost is high, limited space of living and also the minimum occupation period of 5 years regulation for HDB flats/Executive Condos. Most of us fall into this category where we choose Built-To-Order (BTO) or resales flat and we want good Feng Shui house, how do we achieve that?

Before we start, you need to keep in mind that there is no 100% good Feng Shui house, but we can look for a better one that encourage good Chi energy.

In the scenario of BTO or Build-to-Order (An unique public housing scheme launched by the Housing Development Board (HDB) of Singapore where couples will apply for the scheme and after deciding on the unit need to wait for 2 to 3 years for their new HDB flat to be readywhere we cannot view the physical unit since it is still yet built, there are still some pointers that you can take note.

Feng Shui Tips in Singapore For Choosing BTOs Units

1. Based on the floorpan given, choose a unit with regular shape like squarish or rectangular because it will minimise the missing sector problem. In practical perspective, this kind of units allow you to position your furniture more conveniently.

2. Avoid choosing a unit facing the west sun because such houses tend to have bad Feng Shui and also harder to sell off in the future.

3. Surrounding amenities does matter in choosing a good Feng Shui house. Houses that near to hospital, graveyard, police station, petrol station, temples, churches is undesirable.

4. Look at your site plan again and see the exterior situations, for example, main door facing the staircase, main door facing neighbour front door, main door facing lift and many other. You can always choose a better one without such configuration.

5. Divide your floor plan into 9 sectors and try to avoid choosing the unit that has toilet or kitchen that is being positioned in the center of the house as this layout affects wealth accumulation and also fertility.

6. Avoid choosing the unit that the main entrance door is facing directly towards the bedroom, toilet or kitchen.

Here are just some quick tips to select your BTOs, but if you need more comprehensive house selection service, you can contact us for more info.




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