Tai Sui (太岁), also known as Grand Duke Jupiter of the Year is probably one of the most highly respected and feared deity in the Chinese beliefs. It is commonly believed that that if your Zodiac animal clashes with the Tai Sui, bad luck will befall you for the whole year. In order to have a good and peaceful year, you need to pay your respect to the Tai Sui.

Which Chinese Zodiacs conflicted with Tai Sui in 2016?

fan tai sui 2016
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What you should do to appease Tai Sui?

For those Zodiacs that has conflicted with Tai Su, you should pray to “Tai Sui” so it will not bring any adverse effects due to clash, conflict or offend of “Tai Sui” in that particular year.

Step 1: You can visit a temple that host “Pai Tai Sui” ceremony

Step 2: Write down your lunar birth date and time on a piece of gold-coloured paper.

Step 3: Bring it in front of the “Tai Sui” and burn it after saying prayers.

When can I pray to Tai Sui?

10 Feb 2016 – 22 Feb 2016

What other things i need to take note if my Zodiac conflict with Tai Sui in year 2016?

1. The Tai Sui is located in the SW sector of your home this year, so avoid any renovation or noisy events there as not to disturb him.

2. Avoid sit facing or sleep with your head pointing to the direction of Grand Duke Jupiter (South West).

3. Get help from your Zodiac secret friends and allies to overcome challenges and protect against harm.