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Feng Shui Tips To Have The Right Type of Ceiling

Ceiling itself is a commonly overlooked component when we are planning for renovation or remaking of our home, but most of us are lucky in a way if we just take the conventional way of decorating a ceiling – that is to just paint it white.

In the Feng Shui principle, ceiling definitely plays a significant role in a house in attracting good or bad energy and it also represent the “Heaven”, while the floor signify the “Earth”, so you must take good care of the roof above your head.

Here are some tips on how to benefit from the right type of ceiling

1. Nowadays, due to space constraint, people start to decorate their ceiling with mirror to make the space feel more spacious, this is a big No No. This arrangement will cause those who are staying inside the house feeling confused and insecure because of their own reflection that is always “looking at them” .It might cause stress or depression over a period of time and the health and wealth of the residents will be greatly affected.

2. Exposed overhead beams in the key areas are to be avoided.

a. Above bed – it lead to poor sleeping quality and health issues.

b. Office desk – it will cause stress and pressure. Progression will be hindered at work.

c. Kitchen Stove – It will affect the health of the female owner of the house

d. Main Door – It will cause financial stress to the income earner for the family.

Therefore it is always best to completed conceal it with a false ceiling or avoid it.

See the image below, do you think you can sleep or focus well under such oppressing situtation?


3.Choosing the right colour is another important factor to keep in mind. Always keep it simple with a light and neutral color (White series of paint) that is soothing to your eye and not too strong color like black, dark blue and etc. 

4. Avoid big chandeliers or heavy hanging objects on ceiling right above the bed. Always try to keep it as simple as possible or else it will create an oppressing pressure on the people sleeping on the bed and eventually cause health issues.

5. No slanted ceiling – If the ceiling slants down towards you, you tends to have an uncomfortable feeling because of the chi “gushing down” on you.




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