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Feng Shui and Trees – Everything You Need to Know

In Feng Shui, natural green lushes like trees, plants, and garden landscaping play an important role in creating positive energy. Besides blocking direct glaring sunlight and providing shades, it also helps to keep the surrounding environment clean and refreshing.

Despite the advantages, we must also know the right Feng Shui rules to plant it for beneficial and supportive energy. If not, it might just bring obstruction and limit our opportunities in our life.

Here are some tips to plant trees in the right way.

feng shui trees tips


Feng Shui Tips For Trees

1. Trees can help to protect against negative energy created by external factors. For example, the intersection of a T-junction, the sharp corner of the building pointing at your house.

2. There are meanings of the different tree positions when you are viewing out of the door.

  • Left (the Green Dragon): Plant big sized and tall trees. It stands for protection and attracting benefactors into your life
  • Right (the White Tiger): Plant Low shrubs. Tall trees on the right might cause an imbalance between the masculine/yang and feminine/yin energies. It might lead to arguments and disharmony in the household.
  • Rear (The Black Warrior/Turtle): Big and sturdy trees to represent “Mountain support” in life and provide a sense of protection.
  • Front (Scarlet bird / Phoenix ): Avoid having a big tree or a lamppost directly in front of your house. It symbolizes the blockage of opportunities and fortune. Besides that, it also gives the occupants an uncomfortable oppression feeling.

3. Avoid overgrown trees to touch the house because they can drain good energy away from the space. It is good to maintain or trim them when necessary. For those who are buying house / low level unit in a building, remember to look through your windows to check for such situtations.

4. Remove any dying or withering trees with stagnant energies around your house because it might affect your health.

5 The selection of trees/plants is important too. Avoid willow trees as it symbolizes sadness and if planted incorrectly, it might lead to undesired romance encounters. Some of the auspicious trees are namely bamboo, orange tree, lime, and many others.




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