Feng Shui Wind Chime Effective Uses and Significance

Have you ever heard of people saying that hanging a Feng Shui wind chime in your home bring you good luck and help you avert bad fortune? Yes – wind chime has 2 key roles which are to cure the negatives stars and effects or enhance the qi to bring you good luck with help from helpful people. But take care of the material that elements come into place and the areas you are placing this Feng Shui wind chimes if it is suitable.. 

How Does Wind Chime Play a Part in Feng Shui?

Firstly, we need to know that Feng Shui is an ancient art that is closely knitted and related to wind and water and both elements are the most essence of one’s life energy that symbolise the movement of such energy, also known as Chi.

If your environment is inviting a positive flow of Chi, it represent good luck and fortune are being welcomed into your life, while negative Chi flow that is moving too fast, too slow or stagnant is considered as destructive. 

The Feng Shui wind chime is a good choice of cure for negative Chi and meanwhile, it also act as an excellent enhancer for positive Chi.

Each and every sound that encompass our surrounding environment affect us. Some sound trigger emotional and behavioural changes in ourselves, for example, if you have renovation works near you, you will be badly affected by the drilling and hammering noise that might make you more easily agitated.  

Feng Shui Wind Chimes are applied to creating sounds that generate a positive energy flow and accelerate good Chi movement. Beside this, they can also minimize Negative energy flow by getting rid of the harsh noise in the environment .


Where to Hang Feng Shui Wind Chimes?

Choose a 4 rod bamboo or wooden wind chimes, especially those with fish to attract wealth luck.
Hang a metal wind chime with 9 rods can promote chi circulation and will attract more people to you, thus increasing your social network.
Hang wind chimes that are made with porcelain or clay bells to enhance love luck.
You can hang Feng Shui wind chine made of bamboo or wooden material in the East sector to boost health and family luck.
Hang a metal Feng shui wind chimes in the west sector of your home to enhance the chances of having children.
Use Ceramic or glass chimes in this sector.
The 6 Metal rod wind chime should be placed in the north sector of your home or office to attract good luck and fortune in Career.
Hang hollow metal wind chimes in this sector to activate the chi so that it will help to attract helpful people who can help you to achieve success.

Beside the mentioned sectors, Feng Shui wind chime is also commonly used to dissolve the killing energy of Five Yellow, an inauspicious flying star that causes disharmony and misfortunate. In year 2018, Five Yellow is in the North.



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