Annual Forecast For Zodiac in year 2017

Regardless of how you rank in 2017, seize all opportunities with determination and hard work!

The vivacious Dragon ranks at Number One for overall fortune in 2017! Guided by Zi Wei Benefactor and Long DeProsperity stars, those born in the year of the Dragon should take this opportunity to go all out and soar to success! On the other hand, those belonging to the Monkey, Rabbit, or Snake zodiac are advised to be cautious in managing all aspects of life. Without the aid of lucky stars, you will need to persevere and build resilience to overcome the challenges posed by numerous inauspicious stars.

1. Which zodiac signs can look forward to career advancement or a salary raise?

1st  Rooster
2nd  Dragon
3rd  Dog

2. Which zodiac signs are more likely to find success in starting or maintaining a business?

1st  Horse
2nd  Dog
3rd  Tiger

3. Which zodiac signs are more likely to be victims of slander and gossip?

1st  Goat
2nd  Pig
3rd   Rat

4. Which zodiac signs are more likely to experience mood swings?

1st  Goat
2nd  Ox
3rd  Rooster

5. Which zodiac signs are more likely to gain support from benefactors?

1st  Dragon
2nd  Horse
3rd  Dog

6. Which zodiac signs are more suitable for making investments?

1st  Dragon
2nd  Rooster
3rd  Horse

7. Which zodiac signs should get married or start a family in the Year of the Rooster?

1st  Dragon
2nd  Horse
3rd  Rat

8. Which zodiac signs must pay more attention to health and safety?

1st  Ox
2nd  Rabbit
3rd  Monkey

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