Fish Tank in Bedroom Considered Bad Feng Shui?

Does it really break the feng shui rule to have a fish tank in the bedroom?

According to Feng Shui principle, it is not advisable to position a fish tank in your bedroom and other positions too. Fish aquarium are considered to be a wealth Feng Shui cure with the flowing water that generate the moving energy, but in bedroom, what we want is serenity for us to rest, relax and rejuvenate. 

Here are some reasons why Fish tank in bedroom is not recommended

1. Fish tanks are normally equipped with pump that are used to filter the water and the noise from pump can affect our sleep quality. In the long run, it might lead to bad health.

2. For those whose birth elements that is not suitable to apply water element, it is good to avoid putting any fish tank not only in the bedroom, but also avoid it completely.

3. Taking care of the Fish tank required lot of time and effort and if no maintenance is being done, mould and algae might be formed that might cause harm to one’s health.

The moving water in the fish tank is a strong Feng Shui energy activator, so if you have no idea of positioning it in the ideal sector in your house, it is best not to put any fish tank at home at all. If you placed it in a area that has element that clashes with water, it might affect you negatively, so if you really want to have one, approach any professional Feng Shui master around your country for assistance.




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