福 Fu Chinese character upright or inverted ? Did you did it the correct way?

Should we display the Fu Chinese character upright or upside down?

This is the one of most commonly asked question during this festive season and I bet almost 98% of the people do not know the correct way.

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We are all being told that the most auspicious correct way to invite good fortune and happiness is to paste or display the Fu chinese character (福) upside down purposely during the Chinese New Year period and the reason is very simple. It is because the word “upside down” is pronounced as “Dao” in chinese, meaning “arrived”, so by displaying an inverted fu Chinese character all over the house or office, it stands for good fortune and good luck has arrived for the household or business.

There are a few locations that we will see this inverted Fu character namely on your rice vat, on the shelves and main doors.

This chinese custom of pasting this word of happiness upside down is definitely welcome in most of the cases, EXCEPT for a particular location that we must display it in a upright position. Where? Read on…


This place that you should have the Fu Chinese character display upright is your main door. 

The main door is the mouth of “Chi” ,also the entrance/exit and it is also the first impression that is presented to your guest. So at this important location, it must firstly be free of clutter and things should be placed in the correct manner, upright and respectful. If you are placing this Fu character upside down at your main door, doesn’t it relate to you that you are chasing the good fortune instead? 

If you have been displaying this inverted Fu Chinese character at your main door for the past years, it is time to put it upright from this year onwards.




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