Fu Dogs / Foo Dogs Feng Shui Protection Symbol

Fu Dogs Use and Signifiance

The Chinese Imperial Lions is also widely known as the Fu Dogs / Foo Dogs, especially in the Western society. In the Chinese Asian countries, it is being known as the Guardian Lion, a symbol of protection and power.

Fu Dogs is actually a lion statue that is traditionally placed at the entrance of Chinese imperial palaces, imperial tombs, temples and etc. They were also a symbol of family wealth and social status and were positioned in front of rich homes.


How do we use Fu Dogs in Feng Shui practice?

1. Many commercial building, retail shops, hotels and restaurants place these powerful guardian lions outside their premises, positioning one on either side of the entrance. With this setup, it is believed that they can protect their business and keep trouble makers away.

2. It should always be placed in a pair (one is female and one is male) that represent the Yin Yang symbolic meaning that protect the people residing in the building or house.

The male Fu dog can be recognized with his paw on the ball, while the female one is the one with her paws on a cub.

3. Foo dogs were usually displayed outdoors, standing in front of palaces, temples, government offices, etc for protection and authority representation.

4. If you are displaying the Fu dogs outside your house entrance, ensure that they do not face directly towards your neighbour, because it can cause harm to them, similar to the idea of Ba Gua mirror.

5. If you are bringing the Foo dogs indoor, make sure that they should be always facing outside, NOT inside house, if not it will cause disharmony and quarrel in the household. Avoid using over-sized statues and choose brass material ones for indoor use.

6. It can be used to mitigate negative Sha Qi too, for example, if you house is facing sharp corner of a building, lamp post and other external negative energy, you can place one pair of Fu Dogs facing it.



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