Being Properly Dressed Bring Good Feng Shui

Do you believe it? Yes, you heard it correct, one of the factors to bring you good Feng Shui is being neatly and properly dressed.

Do not under-estimate the role of your dressing in Feng Shui, one of the worst thing that anyone can do is to wear dirty and torn clothes that create negative energy. Some people likes to wear like a hippie with holes in their jeans or some with washed out and faded look which they think that it is cool and trendy, but the truth is that wearing in this manner brings you bad luck.

Some people will think that dressing like a hobo make you look cool, but it actually attracts poverty and bad luck that often turn in some form of ill fortune. Wearing unflattering clothes will create negative energies and such clothes deplete you of yang energy that cause you to be lethargic and weak. Remember this, “you are what you attract!”, so if you dressed like a hobo, you will become one.

You should not be shabby too even if you have no plans for going out or working from home, so as soon as you are ready to wake up, get out of the pajamas and take the trouble to change your clothes to stay well groomed. After all these preparation, you are now ready to greet the good fortune for that day. You can even further improve it by spraying some nice perfume scent. When you smell good, look good and feel good, your Feng Shui will eventually be good.

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