There are so many types of house layout, so how do you choose one with good Feng Shui? If you are not sure, the rule of thumb is to just choose one without any missing sector in the layout (缺角) and here is the reason.

Good Home Feng shui

In the ancient time, the Chinese is very particular in the “completeness” of a house because it symbolize positive chi and it will enhance the wealth luck and bring good fortune, so a square house layout is the best of all. That is why the ancient palace is always designed in a squarish outline. If the layout is not complete, it can cause negative vibe in the house and affect the occupant luck.

Good Home Feng shui for you

But in the modern era, it has been a norm to see houses with missing sectors and this will cause bad Feng Shui. So now you should take out your floor plan and see if you house has any missing sector.

Feng shui sector representation

If you split your floor plan and visualize in a ba gua format, you will discover that each sector in the bagua is the direction and also represent each family member. So lets see which sector belong to who.

missing sector father

Missing or protruding sector in the North-West

Element: Metal

Family member affected:  The father of house, especially those male above age of 45.

Health Affected: Head, lungs and big intestines.

Missing Sector Second Son

Missing or protruding in the North

Element: Water

Family member affected:  Second son.

Health Affected: Ear, kidney, reproductive organ and blood

Feng shui sector youngest son

Missing or protruding sector in the North-East

Element: Earth

Family member affected:  Third or Youngest son.

Health Affected: Hand, Stomach, joint

South East Sector

Missing or protruding sector in the South-East

Element: Wood

Family member affected: Eldest Daughter

Health Affected: Shoulder, Guts, Mental, Hair

missing sector south

Missing or protruding sector in the South

Element: Fire

Family member affected: Second Daughter

Health Affected: Eye, Tongue, Heart, Small Intestine, Blood related problem

missing sector mother

Missing or protruding sector in the South-West

Element: Earth

Family member affected: Mother

Health Affected: Stomach, skin, belly

missing sector smallest daughter

Missing or protruding sector in the West

Element: Metal

Family member affected: Youngest Daughter

Health Affected: Tongue, Throat, Lungs and any respiration organs

So here is the summary.

missing sector overview

Remember to refer to this article next time when you are getting a new house.

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