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Is Bunk Bed Good or Bad Feng Shui?

In the recent modern home interior decor and furniture selection, Bunk beds is an excellent choice because it help to save space and, not forgetting, kids love them.

But at the same time, there are some reasons why bunk beds is considered as poor Feng Shui and here are them:

Why Bunk Bed is Bad Feng Shui?

1. If you are sleeping in the upper desk, the gap between you and the ceiling is too close that will give people a feeling of oppression. Beside that, your sleep quality might be affected due to the lack of support directly underneath your body.

2. In the situation where your study table is just below your bed (one of the favourite bunk bed design), it give tension to the person sitting below the bed and causing him to lose focus and create a stressful situation.


3. In the long period, the one who is sleeping in the lower deck will feel more inferior to the one in the upper deck and this might cause conflict and disputes between the two persons.

 4. Beside that, the one who is sleeping on the bottom will be more prone to poor health due to stagnant chi that is being gathered between the top and bottom mattresses.

If it is possible, it will be good to have your children in single beds of their own, taking in consideration, to place the bed in the command position of the room. The positive energy benefit in improving their life and well-being.




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