Is Placing Wedding Photo Above Bed Bad Feng Shui?

Do you always heard about mixed feedback or opinions on the topic of hanging your wedding photo above the bed in your masterbed room? So, is it really bad Feng Shui to hang wedding photo above your master bed?

Here are the 2 main reason why placing wedding photo above the bed is bad Feng Shui

1. Hanging a large wedding picture or anything heavy above the bed may cause stress and nightmares because subconsciously you will worry that the objects might fall onto you. Hence it will affect your sleep quality and in the long run, it might lead to many health implications.

2.Some said that you should not hang it above your bed because it symbolised lying in your own grave. But anyway, some believe that marriage is the grave of love. You can hang it on the wall at either side of the bed instead.

In summary, you should avoid placing anything above your bed because it can be a potential hazard if it accidentally drop.




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