Check out the Lucky colour for your zodiac in Year 2015 by Hui Master and here is a short English translation for our overseas friends

Red is the representation of celebration and auspicious color, therefore many people love to wear red in the first day of Chinese New Year to go house visit, hoping to have a good start in this upcoming year.

But everyone has their own lucky and compatible color, so is it suitable for all to wear red for the Chinese New Year? Let’s check out the Famous Feng Shui Master – Hui Master advice on this.

In the 1st day of the CNY, each zodiac has their own lucky color to wear in order to increase you luck in the upcoming year. Let’s check it out!

- When Tiger meet Pig, it will enjoy happiness, so you can display Pig mascot and find people of Pig zodiac in your life
- When Tiger meet Horse, it helps in your career and business advancement, so you can display Horse Mascot and find people of Horse zodiac in your life
- When Tiger meet Dog, it bring wealth so you can display Monkey Mascot, rear a dog and find people of Dog zodiac in your life
- Tiger belong to the hill, so you can decorate your house with a Bonsai with a hill as a background for support
- When Tiger meet Monkey, there will be disagreement, so beware of people of Monkey Zodiac.
- When Tiger meet Snake, they will not know how to handle, so be careful of people of Snake Zodiac.
- For Tiger zodiac, do not decorate with any sharp ornament, like sword, knife to prevent being back stabbed.

Source: Hui Master Facebook Page

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