Previously, we have talked about bedroom Feng Shui in general so today we will like to share how you can apply the principles to the most important feature in your bedroom, which is your bed.

In bedroom Feng Shui, the most important thing you must specially take care is your bed, for example, the positioning, type, material and etc. You must understand and apply the essential Feng Shui principles in order to have a favourable position of your bed. It does not only consist geomancy but also some common sense and each room condition to apply the principles to your bedroom.

Here are some principle of a good or auspicious bed placement.

Tips to place your bed in a favourable position

1. In sight of the bedroom door – You must be able to oversee who is coming in/out when lying on the bed so that you will not be scared by anyone who intrudes.

2. Do not sleep under a beam – It will give you a pressurizing effect and might cause insomnia which will eventually cause hurt your health.

Bad Feng Shui Bed Placement

3. Avoid placing your bed beneath the windows because it cause poor health and wealth.

4. Always install your bed with a solid headboard and the headboard should be against a hard wall. Avoid getting one that split in the middle. This will provide strong and sturdy support and also prevent any sense of movement behind you.

5. The bed should have legs and the ideal height should be good enough to you to do cleaning and clearing any clutter beneath the bed. This will allow Chi to flow and will help in health or fertility issues. Always keep it clear from storage, especially sharp object or metal items.

6.  Do not have your bed facing the toilet. If you are unable to move your bed, the cure will be to close the toilet door.

7. By all means, do not position your bed to the coffin position which is pointing your feet directly towards the door when you are sleeping.

8. If you are living in a 2 storeys house, take note not to position your bedroom above the kitchen, especially the bed above the stove.

9. Bed must not be in a position that faced open shelving because these are poison arrows. Resolve this problem by installing door to make it into a cabinet.

Make sure your chosen Feng Shui bed and the placement has met the criteria mentioned above  because the positive chi will be a large benefit in improving your daily life.

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