Learn Tips To Feng Shui For Love And Marriage Luck

The need to love and be loved is the basic human need so in this article, Feng Shui tips to increase love and marriage are shared.

The under-mentioned tips are some of the most basic Feng Shui fixes that are recommended for those who wants to search for love of their life and/or for those who want marriage and/or keep their marriage as blissful as before.

7 Ultimate Feng Shui Tips For Your Love Relationship

1. For married couple, wear the double happiness inside the bedroom as it is a very effective symbol of marital bliss so by displaying it inside your bedroom, it has the mysterious power to re-energise a marriage that has gone stale  or when there is a lack of excitement. It is best to hang up the symbol as a picture to create the happiness energy. Beside that, you can also bring along a Double Happiness symbol keychain whenever you go.

2. You can enhance love and marriage chi by display a pair of mandarin ducks at your love corner. Paired love ducks are considered as a powerful love and togetherness symbol. They always bring good fortune and as a pair, they are good for the marriage and the family.

3. Do not paint your room in peach for married couple as doing so will have a third party interference in your love relationship.

4. Clear away all clutters in the bedroom, especially those items that are related to the past bad relationships or even poor health reports, always keep them out of the room in order to cut all ties to the unhappy past.

5. The Feng Shui secret is to use love symbols, like photo or figurines in pairs. Always have photos that have 2 people inside the scene. You should always have 2 bedside tables and just make sure everything is in matching pairs.

6. Always choose the suitable gifts for a love relationship – Never give something that is sharp or pointed, for example, scissors, knives and letter opener as it will cause a bad energy between the 2 parties. You might be aware of this taboo but the other party might not know, so if your loved one give you gift like this, you should immediately give him back a dollar to symbolically “buy” the gift. Likewise, do the same for a gift of watches or clocks which is also consider inauspicious accordingly to Chinese tradition. Check out more do’s and don’ts in giving gifts in the below video.

7. Roses is the most common flower that one will give to show their love but be careful not to send those roses with thorns as they can ruin relationships. You might be surprise to hear from some Feng Shui masters that red roses signify the end of a relationship and red ones with thorns are doubly inauspicious. You might want to play safe by choosing yellow or pink roses as a gift and most importantly, remember to remove all thorns.

Feng shui is not just about acquiring wealth, it can also help to generate chi energies to attract love, marriage and real happiness into one’s life, so hope these tips can benefit you in your love relationship.




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