Li Chun 2019 Auspicious Timing to Deposit Money

On 4 February 2019, don’t be astonished by the scene of people queuing up at banks and ATMs island-wide, because this is the day of Li Chun in 2019.

Well, you might be asking, “What is the hype of finding a good time to deposit money into the bank?” It is believed by the Chinese that if you deposit money during this day, it will bring you a good start and welcoming money luck for the upcoming year. It is also believed that you need to follow auspicious timing throughout the day to deposit the money, depending on the zodiac you belongs to.

Before you look at the auspicious timing for Li Chun, you should be sure which zodiac sign animals you belongs to, especially for friends that is born in Jan and Feb. 


Now, you are more certain which Zodiac animal you belong too. Let’s see the auspicious timing 


Li Chun Day – 04 Feb 2019 (Monday)

Zodiac11:14am - 12:59am1:00pm - 2:59pm3:00pm - 4:59pm5:00pm - 6:59pm7:00pm - 8:59pm
Rat 鼠Very Auspicious Auspicious
Ox 牛Auspicious Very Auspicious
Tiger 虎Very Auspicious Auspicious Auspicious Very Auspicious
Rabbit 兔Very Auspicious Auspicious Very Auspicious
Dragon 龙Auspicious Auspicious Very Auspicious Very Auspicious
Snake 蛇Auspicious Auspicious Very Auspicious Very Auspicious Auspicious
Horse 马Very Auspicious Auspicious Auspicious Very Auspicious
Sheep 羊Very Auspicious Auspicious Auspicious Auspicious
Monkey 猴Auspicious Auspicious Very Auspicious Auspicious
Rooster 鸡Auspicious Auspicious Auspicious
Dog 狗Very Auspicious Auspicious Auspicious
Pig 猪Auspicious Very Auspicious Auspicious Auspicious



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