Lighting Feng Shui Tips For Good Feng Shui

Lighting play an important role in Home Feng Shui to to harness positive energy to the living space. If you are staying in a home that are dark or not well lit, it has lacking life force energy and cause the family members to be easily depressed, which in term lead to a life filled with obstacles.

If you have a choice, choose a home that can provide you natural lighting into the space because it is most beneficial to those staying in the house. But bear in mind, do not choose west-facing house, because it always has strong sunlight in the morning and afternoon, which will make the house hot and uncomfortable to stay inside. Let’s move on for more tips.

Lighting Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

1. Well lit Entrances and Foyer is essential to attract positive chi into the house, so ensure that you have lights to brighten these areas at all times.

2. Avoid wall lighting that is in a straight row of 3 because in Chinese, it resemble 3 candles that is used for prayer and offering, so it is considered inauspicious.

3. Do not install fluorescent lighting at home because it represent harsh and cutting energies that can bring negative impact to your health.


4. If you have a lamp that is emitting strong lighting, do not place it directly overhead, especially in areas (for example, sofa, bed, study table or dining area) that you spend your most of your time there.

5. It is essential to ensure sufficient bright lighting in the living room and dimmer lighting in the bedroom for a condusive atmosphere for rest and rejuvenate.

8. It is advisable not to install the droplight directly above the bed as it can cause pressure and tension to the one sleeping below it.

7. If you have darkened corners and areas in your home, it can attract negative vibes, so it is good to install a form of lighting to brighten the space. You can choose to use Himalayan Salt lamp for this purpose too.

After learning these lighting Feng shui tips, you can review your current lighting arrangement now and hope there tips help you.



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