Deciphering Meaning of Lucky Bamboo Stalks Numbers

Deciphering The Magical Meaning Behind Number of Lucky Bamboo Stalks

The lucky bamboo is a popular plant that is well liked by many Chinese because of its auspiciousness. It is always ranked one of the top must buy plant during the Chinese New Year period, alongside with other lucky plants and flowers. When you are choosing one for either home decor or gift, it is important to know the meaning behind the number of stalks.

What Does The Number of Lucky Bamboo Stalks Really Mean?

Number of Stalks in the Lucky BambooRepresentation
22 is a Symbol of Love and this number is also believed to double your luck.
33 bamboo stalks is being considered as one of the most popular number combinations to have in your home or office. It brings 3 kinds of luck to you, respectively, Happiness - Fu, Wealth - Lu and Longevity - Shou
4In the Chinese culture and belief, this number 4 symbolizes death and bad omen, so it should be avoided at all cost to give it as a gift or display it at home or office.
5This number 5 is generally associated with the 5 basic elements of water, fire, earth, wood and metal, representing bringing a balance in life and everything you do.
6Opportunities rolling in to increase wealth and good fortune.
7Encourage positive energy for improving overall health condition and environment
8In Chinese the word for 8 sound like the the word "Fa" that indicate wealth and abundance, therefore eight is a very popular and highly sought number in the Chinese society. The Chinese like to use eight into their telephone numbers, addresses, business names and even luck bamboo stalks.
9This number represent good luck and bestows great luck to whoever that receives a 9 stalk plant.
10Representation of perfection and completeness with wealth and abundance
21Encompasses success in every aspects of life, like health, happiness, wealth, and prosperity

Now you already know the secret symbolic meanings, time to shop and decorate your home.




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