Mandarin Duck Feng Shui Significance and Placement

In some Feng Shui practices, Mandarin Duck, also widely known as the love ducks (usually coupled as a pair of duck figurines, NOT the real one) are being placed at home to elevate relationship luck and attract your Mr/Mrs Right into your life.

Mandarin Duck Feng Shui Placement Tips

1. Always get the mandarin duck in a pair and do not separate them. Never have just a single duck that symbolise loneliness.

2. You can display them in your personal favorable direction for love and romance luck that is based on your date of birth/Kua Number.

3. Remember to position them facing each other just like how you want your love to face you too, or you can also place them facing the same direction that represent sharing the same journey and goal together.

4. Based on the Bagua map, the Southwest bagua area of your home, representing Love Relationships and Marriage is one of the preferred sector that you can considered placing the love ducks.

5. Always get a new pair of Mandarin duck even if just one of the figurine get broken.

6. Display the love ducks in clean, clutter-free and well lit area.

7. For single that is longing to attract a new partner, you can place the mandarin ducks next to your bed.


Now that you have learnt about Mandarin ducks Feng Shui tips and placement, there’s no reason to procrastinate about bringing a pair of them into your home. Feng Shui is all about cultivating all the good things in life and love is certainly one of the most important factor in this equation and the Mandarin love ducks have it covered.




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