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Monkey Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign Forecast 2021

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Zodiac Animal Sign: Monkey (猴)

Year: 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

Compatible Zodiac Sign (s): Rat, Dragon and Snake

2021 Monkey Chinese Zodiac Sign Forecast

Those born in the year of the Monkey have promising luck this year and have benefactors to help you whenever you have any problems. This is an opportune time to execute your plan and making it big, for example, career switch, starting up a new business, business expansion.

Do not doubt yourself and unleash your innate potential to make the most out of the changing conditions. Given the favorable situation with the influence of the auspicious stars, it will play in your favor and success rate is higher.

Wealth Luck

  • 95% 95%

Numerous auspicious stars shine upon you in 2021, you will have plenty of opportunities to grow your wealth, especially with aids from benefactors. You will have steady income from your main job and you will have the opportunity to generate additional income streams. Remember to grab the opportunity when it is presented to you.

When it comes to investment products, it is good to seek professional advice. With proper planning and due diligence, the probability of profiting is high. However, do not be too greedy and take the shortcut of hoping to win more at the gambling table or indulging in lottery.

Career Luck

  • 90% 90%

You will also enjoy superb interpersonal relationships with peers and superiors. It will make the year of 2021 a smooth sailing career progression with expected promotion and salary increment. Despite that, working individuals should focus on finishing your job and stay away from gossip/office politics.

As long as you have done your best, everything will be smooth sailing and you can achieve success at work easily with proper planning.

Business owners can also plan for expansion overseas because it will help you broaden your boundary for more opportunities. But always remember to do some background check in order to avoid trusting the wrong person.


monkey zodiac 2021 wealth

Love Luck

  • 85% 85%

In term of romance luck, there are plentiful of opportunities for new encounters in your love life for the singles. It is best to search for a new partner among your existing network that you already know for a more fruitful outcome.

If you are already in a relationship for years, it is a great year to setup a family with marriage and complete it with a baby. For married couple, there are temptations that you must learn to resist and always have trust to foster a stronger relationship.

Health Luck

  • 80% 80%

Your health condition does not pose any major problem. In additional, the other aspects of life that are favorable to you also give you a peace of mind. You just need to watch your lifestyle and diet. For smokers, 2021 might be a good year for you to quit. It will help you to stay healthy and sustain a strong immune system.

 Disclaimer: All zodiac sign forecast curated in this article are intended for general reference and entertainment purpose. For more accurate and personalized outlook forecast, it is recommended to approach a professional educational consultant to understand more.




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