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Must Learn Air Con Feng Shui Tips

In this modern day, 2 out of 3 household will have air conditioning system installed, especially for those living in the city area, so we must also take care of the air con position to be installed. You must be wondering and arguing that air con is not available in the olden day so why there is Feng Shui involvement, right? Yes, you are partially right and most of the tips that are covered in this article are mostly practical usage with a little Feng Shui applied.

Here are the do’s and don’ts for Air Con

1. Air con should not be installed directly above your head while sleeping because the gush cold air blowing straight into your head will cause you to fall sick easily. Beside that, if you are doing cleaning and servicing, it will make your bed dirty too.

2. Do not install air con above your sofa because it will cause the one sitting below to be uncomfortable. In Feng Shui, there should be a solid wall behind your back to symbolise benefactor’s support, so if you have air con at this position, it will affect your career luck.

air con above sofa


3. No used air con – many people tend to keep the old air con after buying a 2nd hand house to save some cost but it is advisable to change it. This is more to personal hygiene matter.

4. Do not place the unit above your wealth position as qi cannot be accumulated.

5. No air con blowing directly at dining table as dust and germs might fall into the food we consumed and food will turn cold faster.

6. No air con system in Kitchen (especially towards the stove) – this might seem to be common sense, but it is good to mention. Kitchen is the area that we do a lot of cooking so you will have headache doing maintenance and the unit might be spoilt easily.

7. Do not place the air con unit in the position that is facing the main door because the main door is the mouth for energy to flow into your house. If you have such situation, the energy will be blown back and qi cannot be accumulated so it will cause negative effect to your wealth and fortune luck.




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