MUST READ Taboos of Tomb Sweeping Qing Ming Festival

In this annual Chinese festival – Tomb Sweeping, there are lot of taboos to take note and I will share some of them here.

Tomb Sweeping Do’s and Don’ts

1. Never joke around when you are making your offering.

2. Refrain from wearing all black (both shirt and pants) as it is inauspicious but it is fine if you wear black shirt but white pants or black shirt with jeans. Beside black, you should also avoid wearing red shirt, shoes.

3. You must not anyhow urine or spit  near the place of offering.

4. Do not make noise, shout or joke when you are in the area to make the offering

5. It is best to do tomb sweeping before 3pm in the afternoon.

6. It is also not recommended for pregnant woman to do tomb sweeping.

7. Do not consume food on the spot and also dressed properly because it signify respect for the dead.

8. Do not take photo in the vicinity of the graveyard

9. Do not visit the tomb if you are not relative of the decease, for example boyfriend accompany girlfriend.

10. It is also best not to hold any wedding ceremony during this period.

Bear in mind, it is always better to be safe than be sorry.




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