All in One Chinese New Year Year 2016 Guide – Zodiac Forecast, Auspicious Dates for All Events and Many More

Year 2016 has just arrived and we are currently in the mood to welcome the lunar Chinese New Year (8 Feb 2016). Here are some tips to welcome the new year with a great start.

1. Chinese Zodiac Forecast

Over the past 2 weeks, we have been publishing 7 Feng Shui master Chinese Zodiac, so we have summarise in this post for your convenience. Let’s take a look at each Feng Shui master have to say about your luck in year 2016.

a. Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong (In Chinese, have English Subtitle)

b. Hui Master (In Chinese, have English Subtitle)

c. Master Su Ming Feng (In Cantonese, No Subtitle)

d. Master Lim From Kang Li Mineral Kingdom  (In Chinese, have English Subtitle)

e. Grand Master Phang (In Chinese, have English Subtitle)

f. Master Mak Ling Ling (In Cantonese, have Chinese Subtitle)

g. Master Lung Chun Tin (In Cantonese, have Chinese Subtitle)

2. Chinese New Year Do’s and Don’t

3. 2016 Auspicious Date to Resume Work

2016 Auspicious dates to resume work
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4. 收工吉日 Auspicious Date to Stop Work

04 Feb 2015 (Thursday) – Conflicting Zodiac Sign is Dog

05 Feb 2015 (Friday) – Conflicting Zodiac Sign is Pig

Note: Conflicting Zodiac means that it is unfavourable for that specified Zodiac on that day to perform certain task.

5. Dates to Pray to Grand Duke 拜太岁

08 Feb 2016 to 22 Feb 2016 (Gregorian Calendar)

Which zodiacs are required to pray? 

Tiger, Monkey, Snake and Pig

Fan Tai Sui 2016
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6. Auspicious Date for Wedding in 2016

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Hope these tips are useful for you to kick start an awesome year ahead and wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!