MUST SEE Exterior Feng Shui To Take Note when Choosing House (With Video)

During house hunting for your new nest, it is not only important to choose a good Feng Shui house by looking at the interior, for example, bedroom, kitchen and others, it is also as significant to select a house with good exterior landform Feng Shui. I can even say it is more important because you can change the interior of your house but not for the exterior, for example, if you live near a temple, you can’t be possibly remove it, so in today article, I will share with you on some of the exterior Feng Shui you should take note, accompanied by a video for easy understanding.

6 Must See Exterior Feng Shui During House Hunting

1. Back of the house must not face a steep hill

It is a common belief that it is good Feng Shui for a house to face the sea (water) and back facing the mountain (this means that you have support). Yes, it is true but you should choose the mountain or hill that is too steep because it will affect the safety of the family members.

2. Main door should not face expressway or viaduct

If your main door is facing an expressway or viaduct, it will affect the sunlight from going into the house and also the line of sight. Not only this, it also expose your privacy to people travelling along the expressway and it will give people a sense of insecurity, so it will be good to avoid this type of house.

3. Avoid Main door facing directly a big tree or lamppost

If you step out of your house and you see a big object like lamppost, big tree blocking your way, it will give you psychologically uncomfortable, subconsciously having thoughts of obstacles in life or career.

4. Do not live near police station

If you are facing this type of situation, it is prone to getting into lawsuit and also affect your career

5. Do not live near a temple

Temple is a place of worship and people will kneel down to worship to the god. Just imagine that your house is just behind the temple, it is just like “praying” to you too. It will affect your wealth luck. In additional, top of the temples tend to have pointed arrow that might point to your house that create a negative qi..

6. Avoid house that is near to graveyard

Graveyard is a place that gather Yin energy that is harmful to human, so it might cause health issue if you live near it.

Take note of these Feng Shui tips and do approach a professional master if you have any doubts on your house selection.




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