If you are searching for a house to buy or even if you are just renting, you must take care of looking out for Feng Shui taboos before confirming the deal. People who are renting the house often miss out the importance of house Feng Shui but it does affect them in terms of wealth, health, relationship and career somehow since they are also staying in the house, so here are some tips for you.

What Do You Look Out For During House Hunting?

House close to expressway

1. Avoid House near expressway and power electricity tower

You should look for a house that is far away from expressway and power electricity tower as it will affect the occupants career and education. If your house main door is facing the expressway, it might block your sunlight and in the long run, it might give you insecurity. If you have a house that is surrounded by power electricity, you might get health issue due to the large amount of radiation omitted.

House near Temple

2. Do Not Be Situated Near To Temple, Church, Graveyard and Hospital

Temple and church are places of strong “Ying Qi”, so it belongs to 阴煞 and if you live near them, it might cause minor effect like bad luck ranging to major one like major health issue.

3. Do Not Live in Dark Dwelling or Isolated House

Living in a house that is dark and dim, it easily attract evil influence and negative energy. If “Yin” energy is too strong, there will be no place for “Yang Qi” so it is not recommended to live in this house. You should also avoid choosing a house that is standing alone or isolated. Based on these 2 factors, you can easily visualize it as those haunted house in movies.

House near police station

4. Do Not Live Near Places of Authority like Police Station

Avoid houses near to police station, it will have “口官煞” that will cause you to involved in lawsuits and also affect your career.

Feng shui house

5. Do Not Live in A House Surrounded by High-Rised Building

If you live in a house that is being sandwiched by tall building surrounding you, it will affect the light source from reaching you house which in term cause moisture and attract “Yin” energy. This will affect the health of the occupants.

Getting a house is not just about price, it is about the good Feng Shui so that you can live comfortably in this nest.

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