Must See: Knowing Your Life and Wealth Luck From Wrist Line

Where can you find your wrist lines? – They are located at the intersection point between palm and wrist. 

Based on some fortune tellers, you can actually decipher your luck in life by looking at them, so read on to uncover if you will live a wealthy life or good fortune.  

Now, take a look at your right wrist and see how your luck is.

1. 2 or 3 lines 

2 or 3 line

If you have 2 or 3 clear distinct lines on your wrist, congratulation to you. You will tend to enjoy good fortune and health in your life.

2. Chained pattern 

chain wristline

If your wrist line show chain pattern (a connected series of links), this means that you are a person that worry too much at times but good thing is that you are one who work very hard and independent, eventually you will reap the rewards and be successful.

3. Triangle on the Line

Triangle on the line

If you have a small triangular pointed pattern appears at the wrist line, it means that this person will have wealth fortune and high competency in making money or someone in a grand position.

4. Cross Pattern on the Line

Cross on the line


If you have a cross sign appearing in your line, this means that this person would experiences difficulties, leading a hard life in their youth, but things turn for the better through their own efforts in the later part of their life. 

5. Dots on the Line

Dots on the Line

If you have dots on your wrist, you must take extra caution as it indicated ill health, relationships or any significant events that has impact the person’s life. It also act as a warning signal of dangers in one person life path, but the dots are known to disappear when the unfortunate situations or issue are resolved.




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