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4 Situations To Get or Replace A New Bed For Good Feng Shui Energy

In bedroom Feng Shui, besides positioning the bed in the command position, the condition of the bed is also vital to creating good energy. Therefore, It is always good to buy a new bed, instead of re-using a second-hand one. That includes the bed frame, mattress, bedding, pillow, bedsheet and anything belonging to the bed.

Why is New Bed Better Than Used One?

Besides considering the hygiene, It is also about the energetic condition of the bed itself. A brand new bed provides fresh new energy that is good for vitality and health. However, a used bed from any unknown source might carry negative stale energy that is unfavourable to you. 

There are also some situations where you should change your current bed too even if it is bought new initially.

1. Death

If the person who you shared the bed has passed away, a brand new bed can help you start afresh, instead of trapping in the mourning and past.

2. Ending of a Romance Relationship

In Chinese culture, we always believe in ushering in the good future and getting rid of the old past. Getting a new bed can get you out of the old relationship and be ready for the next one.

3. Recovery from Major illness

If you just overcome a life-threatening illness, changing a new bed support your health and put the old energy away.

4. Ringing The Wedding Bell

It is always good to get a new bed if you are getting married. That symbolises a fresh new favorable head-start for the couple to nurture a blissful marriage.

If you cannot afford getting a new bed, you should at least change the mattress to invite good energy.




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