Pig Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign Forecast 2019

4 February 1935 – 23 January 1936
22 January 1947 – 9 February 1948
8 February 1959 – 27 January 1960
27 January 1971 – 24 February 1972
13 February 1983 – 1 February 1984
31 January 1995 – 18 February 1996
18 February 2007 – 6 February 2008
Compatible Zodiac – Tiger, Rabbit, Goat

Wealth Luck

In 2019, wealth luck is stable but avoid getting involved in risky investment activities/gambling and also do not assume the role of guarantor or lend money to people. Be rationale when you are making investment decision and not engage in any speculation activity or you might get yourself into financial crisis.

Money come in fast and quickly flow out too, so you need to manage your finance prudently and do not spend unnecessarily.

Career Luck

When coming to career in 2019, you tend to experience mood swings that cause obstacles in your interpersonal relationship with superior and peers, which in term has an impact on your career progression.

It is not a good year to change job, but if you really want to do it, make sure that you have already secured the new position before tendering your resignation letter to avoid getting stuck in between.


Romance Luck

The negative influence of clashing with Tai Sui will cause many relationship problems to Pigs in love. For married couple, you often
quarrel with your partners over trivial matters and misunderstand each other’s intentions but never communicate clearly.

For the singles, you have poor luck in embracing a new relationship, consider channelling your energy and time into your career instead while waiting your Mr/Mrs Right.

Health Luck

Health luck is considered average, while there is no major illness, you will still have to pay more attention to the minor ones to prevent them from worsen.

Don’t delay in consulting a doctor when you are ill and this is a key to being healthy this year. Beside this, adopt a balanced diet with more fruits and vegetables to boost your immunity.

This Pig Chinese Zodiac 2019 forecast starts from February 5, 2019 and end in January 24, 2020.

If you have no time to read the full article, check out the pig forecast video in less than 2 minutes.




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